Quarterly Meeting Summary

On Sept 9th, the membership enjoyed summer strawberries and cream along with salmon appetizers during the meeting at the Land Trust. Our treasurer gave us an update on the budget. We discussed the upcoming programs for 2015.

Yummy strawberries and cream !

Yummy strawberries and cream !

Ciderfest which is scheduled for October 11th at the Village Green is our major fundraiser. We will need member volunteers to work in the cider operation as well as in the fruit crisps/cider sales area. If you won’t be available on the 11th, you too can help the club by baking fruit crisps or picking apples in designated orchards. If interested in volunteering, please contact us at: vashonislandfruitclub@gmail.com and we’ll connect you with the chairpersons.

Preplanning for the Fall Fruit Show on November 8th at the Land Trust was discussed. Bob Norton will be assisted by a team of volunteers to stage the fruit collection and display section. Dave Hunter, a mason bee keeper will be featured as the main speaker.

Members interested in serving on a nomination committee for 2015 open board positions, please contact: vashonislandfruitclub@gmail.com.

Thank you to Randolf for displaying his honeyberry shrub. Cheryl for sharing her bountiful harvest of tomatoes and potatoes for the members in attendance.

Cheryl's heirloom tomatoes

Cheryl’s heirloom tomatoes

In addition, on display were  Bietigheimer apples grown here on the island. They are a large heirloom variety from Germany. They are used for cooking.VIFC 3rd Quar 2014 meeting 001 After the business meeting, Bob Norton shared his recipe for testing fruit maturity using an iodine solution. He tested different varieties showing the audience the difference in the uptake of the iodine solution. Refractometers were displayed and members were able to learn how to calibrate and test for Brix (sugar content).


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