Winter in the Orchard

Thank you Meadow Creature for the Avalon(tm) Cider Press!


The Board would like to recognize and thank Bob Powell at Meadow Creature for the generous donation to the Club of the new Avalon ™ Cider Press! This is a beautifully crafted grinder and press that will serve all of a fruit grower’s needs in pressing pear or apple juice. Members, if you would like to preview the cider press,  check it the Meadow Creature website at:

The Shaw’s our 1st Club family to check out the Avalon Cider Press

The Board is pleased to announce that the cider press is now available to known members for check out. The press is not available during Ciderfest weekend.

If you are interested in checking the press out, please contact: or

Thanks again to Meadow Creature for supporting the Fruit Club and the community in helping our members process their apples for cider!