Saturday, October 11th at the Village Green– Ciderfest Vashon!

Join in the fun at Vashon Ciderfest on Saturday October 11, 2014. The club will host a public viewing of cider pressing at the Village Green where members gather and press over 3000 pounds of island apples into the most heavenly cider! This is our biggest fun-raiser, where new and old members work together to press apple cider. This is a heritage homesteading skill, which many of the 50 and younger set should learn.
On the Village Green, see the kid’s cider pressing station where the younger than 14 set will be able to grind and press apples. It is fun! So bring the family to Vashon Village Green starting at 10am!
If you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied, our Club’s most excellent bakers have prepared a variety of fruit crisps and hot apple cider for sale to enjoy during your Saturday visit. Freshly pressed apple cider will be available for sale in half-gallon jugs, so bring your coolers!

Visit our Vashon Island Fruit Club table where you will find out about the club’s activities, membership information, nursery fruit tree orders and lots more. Pick up schedules and maps to our member’s orchards (Dragon’s Head, Nashi and Seattle Distilling) which are on tour in the afternoon.

See you at the Village Green in downtown Vashon for the highlight of the fruit harvest season!

Carolina Nurik, President


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