Winter in the Orchard

Thank you, Dr Bob, for a great Bench Grafting Workshop!


Dr Bob’s Grafting Workshop on March 15 at the Sunrise Ridge conference room was a great success!

Dr Bob Norton

We learned three of the four types of grafting:

1.  Whip (& Tongue)

Whip & Tongue

2. Cleft


3. Chip Bud

Chip Bud

Seeing the techniques demonstrated by Dr Bob just inches away from our faces and then having his immediate critique of our work was an irreplaceable way of learning a new skill.  Dr Bob demonstrated the patience of Job with the newbies as he flipped our scion wood around (yes, buds always up!) and explained each technique step-by-step, over and over again till we got it.

Dr Bob demonstrates grafting to the group

The only grafting technique we didn’t do that day was Bridge (for repairing a damaged tree).

Thanks again to Dr Bob and the Board (Anne Woodward, Vor Hostetler, Charon Scott-Goldman, Jerry Gehrke & Kristine Gregonis) for another super informative event!