Winter in the Orchard

Maggots & Stink Bugs & Moths! Oh My!


Panelists: Jerry Gehrke, Dick Tilbury, Marilyn Tilbury & Elizabeth Vogt

On Tuesday, April 14th, we had an information-packed meeting on pest control in the orchard with our experts, Marilyn and Dick Tilbury, Elizabeth Vogt and Jerry Gehrke. A big thanks to all of our pest experts! I’ve attached the Tilbury’s two handouts.

Orchard Strategy for 2015

OrchardPestMgmt 4-15

For additional information on controlling orchard insect pests and diseases, WSU has an excellent website “wsu hort sense”

Also, a big thank you to members, Diane Emerson and Michael Laurie, who distributed cards rating various insect and disease control products on their impact on the environment. They have interviewed numerous organic Vashon farmers for information on how they deal with pests and condensed those interviews into the Vashon Green Survey which is very interesting reading. I’ve attached that document as well.

Vashon green survey Oct 2014 summary

If you would like to contact Michael and Diane to share some of your ideas for green lawn and garden projects, you can email them at and
If you would like to support their project, the link to their crowd funding site is :

Phew! That’s a lot of information. I think I need to get busy!

Anne Woodward