Monthly Archives: September 2015

Fruit Preservation by Lotus & Jerry Gehrke

Drying, Canning & Freezing was discussed in a lively open format with Lotus & Jerry Gehrke leading the discussion at the Sept 8, 2015 monthly meeting at the Land Trust Bldg.  Many of the members’ preservation recipes & harvest spoils were featured on the refreshment table:  Pear Compote, Stewed Apples, Plum Jam/Cream Cheese on Crackers, Dried Cherries, Dried Plums, Dried Bartlett Pears, Grapes on the Vine amongst them. Continue reading


Summertime Pruning Workshop

On August 15, Vor Hostetler, VIFC Program Chair, organized a two orchard Summer Pruning Workshop at 204th & Vashon Hwy, the green former school district admin building, and at Dr. Bob & Carol Norton’s home on Maury Island.  We watched, learned and then practiced hands on summer pruning techniques.  Specifically, we learned that summer is the time to remove anything diseased Continue reading