Saturday, October 11th at the Village Green– Ciderfest Vashon!

Join in the fun at Vashon Ciderfest on Saturday October 11, 2014. The club will host a public viewing of cider pressing at the Village Green where members gather and press over 3000 pounds of island apples Continue reading


Thank you Meadow Creature for the Avalon(tm) Cider Press!

The Board would like to recognize and thank Bob Powell at Meadow Creature for the generous donation to the Club of the new Avalon ™ Cider Press! This is a beautifully crafted grinder and press Continue reading

Quarterly Meeting Summary

On Sept 9th, the membership enjoyed summer strawberries and cream along with salmon appetizers during the meeting at the Land Trust. Continue reading

How to test your Fruit for Brix and maturity- Sept 9th- 3rd Quarterly meeting

At the Sept 9th quarterly meeting, we will have a presentation from Dr. Bob Norton on how to test your fruit for maturity.  Continue reading

Pruning photos- Have a look!

As a follow up to our latest workshop, on August 23rd, Heather has provided the club with colorful photos of her apples and pear trees for the winter pre and post pruning workshop. Continue reading

Thanks to all leaders of the summer pruning workshop

A big thank you to all the hostesses, leaders and facilitators of our summer pruning workshop and tour with our fearless leader Dr. Bob. Enjoy the pictures! Continue reading

Pruning Workshop – Saturday August 23, 2014

We will visit two orchards in Vashon Town from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday the 23rd. Starting at 1pm behind the library, our first orchard was pruned in February 2014. Dr. Bob will lead the discussion on the effects of winter pruning in pome fruits (apples and pears). The 2nd orchard is dedicated primarily to stone fruits(cherry, plum and peach). Continue reading